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Thank you so much for the incredible support! After talking to a lot of you on Kickstarter and demoing to countless beginner players and pro players, we realized Trainerbot can be a lot more fun when you know what kind of shot is coming at you.  

With the option of knowing what characteristic of the incoming shot, players can be prepared mentally and physically to perform high-quality returns. And nothing feels better than returning a boss shot :D (of course you can turn this feature on or off depending on your preference).

That’s why today, we are super excited to announce that Trainerbot will tell you what spin and location it is going to shoot before each shot. Here is how it works:

We want to get this indicator function into your hands! Please help us unlock this next goal by spreading the word and sharing Trainerbot with your friends and families!      

Thank you so much!!! 

Alex & Harrison @trainerbot

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  • xmgqzbpqrz on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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Trainerbot Basic

Trainerbot Basic

$379.00 $449.00

You will get:

- Trainerbot Robot x 1

- 100-240V 12V Power Supply x 1

- Table Tennis Balls x 30


Estimated Delivery April 2018
Trainerbot Pro

Trainerbot Pro

$429.00 $499.00

You will get: 

- Trainerbot Robot x 1

- Trainerbot Pro Stand ( It allows the Trainerbot to seat outside the table which makes you training 10x better) 

- 100-240V 12V Power Supply

- Table Tennis Balls x 60

Estimated Delivery April 2018